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Car Manufacturers With Subscription Services

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This page consists of automobile manufacturers that have one or more physical features requiring a paid subscription, ‘paywalled features’ or ‘microtransactions’. This list of automakers with subscription-only services is not complete and some automakers may have reversed their decisions. This list is focused on features that are physically built into the cars and require a subscription to turn them on. However, a few one-time fee schemes may be added. The subscription requirements don’t necessarily apply to all models sold by the manufacturer.

Some features, such as autopilot or self-driving may impose a recurring cost on the manufacturer’s infrastructure if they are cloud dependent.


  • Heated seats. More Info.
  • Drive recorder and remote engine start. More info.
  • Apple CarPlay-Policy abandoned.
  • High beam assistant – Related to the automatic high and low beam feature. Requires a one-time fee. More info.


Acceleration Increase unlocks the full power of the vehicle for an annual subscription fee.


Remote start via key fob – A Toyota spokesperson said this was unintentional.


  • Audi Virtual Cockpit .
  • Enhanced Navigation Package.
  • Adaptive Cruise Assist (enhancement of the cruise control feature).
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