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HTTP Status Code 429: What It Means

By Nicholas Brown.

The HTTP status code 429 means ‘too many requests’. This is an error a server will send you if it thinks you are sending it too many HTTP requests. It also means that the server will block you for a limited amount of time. Try again later. This is most likely to occur under the following circumstances:

  • You are using software that is sending automated requests to the server, and the number of requests has exceeded the acceptable level defined in the server’s configuration.
  • You are using some form of crawler or testing tool that scans websites automatically. The tool sent a large number of requests and the server is now blocking the tool.
  • Your IP address was used by someone else to send too many requests to that server. This usually happens if you are sharing an IP address with someone else. For example: School computers on the same network, home computers sharing the same network or a VPN service.

Servers trigger 429 errors and block you to protect themselves from abuse that could cause downtime or other issues.

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