Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung To Offer 5 Years Of Security Updates For Some Phones

Samsung, one of the largest phone manufacturers will start offering 5 years of security updates for some of its Android phones. The supported models are the Galaxy Enterprise phones. This could (and should) be the norm for Android phones, but sadly it isn’t. The industry (like many others) has been driving customers to buy new…

Planet Earth

Starlink Satellite Internet Could Be Global In Weeks

SpaceX has launched 1,500 satellites for the Starlink Internet service so far and has operations in a dozen countries. The satellite Internet service has promised to outperform the previous (and spotty) attempts at implementing satellite Internet by other companies. This journey has been a very costly one. However, Starlink’s improved approach gives it a greater…

3D rendering of a network over planet Earth

New Zealand Gets Huge Internet Upgrade

New Zealand is getting an enormous Internet upgrade, thanks to a cable installed under the sea. The capable is expected to double New Zealand’s Internet capacity by providing an additional 72 Terabits per second of bandwidth. That’s equivalent to streaming more than 4.5 million 4K videos simultaneously. The cable is made of multiple layers of…

Brave Browser

Apps That Will Make Your Web Experience Safer And More Private

For many people (especially people who are just learning how to use the Internet), the Internet may feel like an unsafe minefield that exploits people for their personal information. It kind of is. After spending years on the Internet and researching it thoroughly, you will eventually become accustomed to the threats and avoid them more…


Windows 11 Can Run Android Apps, Requires Camera After 2023

Microsoft has announced neat new features that refreshes the user experience of Windows 11, and the ability to run Android apps directly on the OS. These UI improvements reflect on Microsoft’s past of leading the way towards user friendliness and making computers consumer-friendly. The OS has centered the start menu/taskbar and also supports split screen…

Two iPhones

Apple Warns Of Devices You Must Keep Away From Your Pacemaker

There has been a growing trend towards slick magnetic devices that make it easier to charge or wake your devices, such as Magsafe, open-to-wake on tablets, and wireless charging pads. Apple is warning users of pacemakers to keep certain devices a ‘safe distance’ from their pacemakers to avoid complications. The issue pertains to devices containing…

Windows 10 on a phone and laptop.

Microsoft Accidentally Signs Malware-Infected Driver

Microsoft has accidentally signed a driver called Netfilter, which contains malware and is distributed within gaming environments. Cybersecurity researchers have been tracing the malware and its activities and found that it communicates with Chinese command and control (C2) IP addresses. That type of malware is called a rootkit, which means that it is programmed to…


Mercedes-Benz Breach Exposes SSNs, Credit Card Numbers, And Birth Dates

A Mercedes-Benz data breach exposed sensitive information owned by their customers. 1.6 million customer records were audited and the breach was found to affect fewer than 1,000 customers. The information in the breach included drivers license numbers, social security numbers, self-reported customer credit scores, credit card numbers, and dates of birth. The German automaker disclosed…