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Power Consumption Of Inverter Refrigerators Vs Conventional Models

Inverter refrigerators use up to 46.9% less energy than their conventional counterparts. Inverter refrigerators differ from conventional refrigerators in that they vary the speed of their compressors using inverter technology. Conventional refrigerators use single-speed compressors that turn on at full speed to cool down your refrigerator, and then shut off when they’re done.

Inverter appliances tend to come in at a higher price point than non-inverter appliances, but in many cases, a return on investment is achievable. This is dependent on usage.

How Inverter Refrigerators Work

Inverter refrigerators operate by adjusting the speed of their compressors in conjunction with cooling demand. The warmer the refrigerator cabin is, the more it will turn up the compressor to ensure that it cools down.

Refrigerators are superb at maintaining low temperatures due to thorough insulation and airtight door seals, so inverter compressors are able to operate at a low speed, resulting in quieter operation and relatively low energy usage.

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