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Ford To Release An Electric F-150 Truck In 2022

Ford Motor Company — an automobile manufacturer that is especially successful in the truck sector is expected to add an electric F-150 to its pickup truck lineup in 2022. The company has mentioned the idea of an electric truck for years. However, they haven’t made it official until now.

Automakers haven’t been quick to electrify pickup trucks. However, the reasons for waiting ‘for the battery technology to develop’ have been fading away — and quickly. We have gone from electric cars that barely match with the performance of gas-powered economy cars and less than 100 miles of range to electric semi-trucks that can fly past almost all cars with ease.

Performance isn’t everything, however range has improved as well. Electric vehicles have also gotten more cost-competitive. You can get an electric car that seats four for less than $30,000 with over 200 miles of range. As you go up in price, you can get quite a bit more range than that (over 300 miles in the Tesla models, for example).

These improvements are crucial to a truck in particular, even more so for customers that drive their pickup trucks long distances. Also, due to the fact that the amount of weight onboard affects range: a pickup truck will need a substantial amount of range to offset the effects of that. Power on the other hand is not an issue anymore.

If my assumption is correct, Ford is trying to stay ahead of their competition by keeping up with modern technology and where it’s headed (electric propulsion). Even if electric propulsion was still too expensive for pickup trucks, manufacturers have been driving down costs and progressing towards it.

That’s why Ford has to be ready with their own electric pickup truck at a time when everyone else is already developing their own.

Waking Up To A Full Battery Every Morning

The ability to wake up to your fully charged range every morning is a considerable benefit of electric trucks. That doesn’t just compensate for short range anymore, but it makes the (reasonable) range offered by today’s electric vehicles even more practical.

You won’t be running down your battery throughout the week and worrying about when you’ll have to stop at a gas station. This could of course change if you don’t plug in your truck at home (which is easy to do). Their decision to launch an electric F-150 is important because the F-150 product line is among the most popular pickup truck lineups in the world. Ford also intends to launch an electric Transit van around the same time.

Fuel Costs Matter Even For Modern Trucks

The fuel cost (I made a calculator for this by the way, if you’re interested) of a pickup truck is still a substantial expense, despite improved fuel efficiency. Gasoline and Diesel-powered vehicles are still plagued with this problem despite the significant amount of fuel efficiency-enhancing technology squeezed into them.

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