Samsung Bans Employees From Using Generative AI Such As ChatGPT

Robot hand and human hand
Robot hand touching human hand. Image obtained with thanks from Cottonbro Studio on Pexels.

In response to a data leak caused by an employee’s use of ChatGPT, Samsung has banned employees from using ChatGPT and similar generative AI products on company devices in order to protect the company’s sensitive data.

The data uploaded to ChatGPT included source code owned by the company. This is not surprising, considering that many developers rushed to use ChatGPT to assist with software development and even promoted such uses of it to save time and be ‘efficient’.

Aside from the fact that the code ChatGPT and other AI products have been generating is of questionable quality, it is highly inadvisable to enter anything private in these generative AI products, as they generally do store and collect data.