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Cosmos SDK Errors: mv: cannot move ‘./starport’ to ‘/usr/local/bin/starport’: Permission denied

If you’re trying to install Starport using the following command:

curl https://get.starport.network/starport@v0.17.0! | bash

But are unable to install it due to the following error:

mv: cannot move './starport' to '/usr/local/bin/starport': Permission denied

It is due to a permissions issue. The Starport install script doesn’t have permission to move the Starport binaries to the /usr/local/bin folder (which enables you to run the starport command without entering the full path to it every time).

To resolve the issue you can download it using this command:

curl https://get.starport.network/starport | bash

Now you can move the files yourself using sudo:

sudo mv starport /usr/local/bin/

Starport Installation Guide

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