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Fossil Fuel

What is a Fossil Fuel?

A fossil fuel is an energy source that was produced by fossilization, which took place millions of years ago. A fossil fuel can be in the form of a solid, such as coal, liquid, such as petroleum, or gas, such as natural gas.

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What is Petroleum?

Petroleum, also called crude oil, crude, or simply oil is a liquid fossil fuel that can actually be ignited and burn on it’s own, but, gasoline, propane, paraffin and diesel can be extracted from it.

What is Gasoline and Diesel?

Gasoline and diesel are liquid fossil fuels that are extracted from petroleum, and are used to fuel automobiles, trains (particularly older trains), ships, and air crafts. Diesel is frequently used to fuel (power) large trucks, and gasoline is frequently used to fuel smaller SUVs, and most mid-sized and small cars.

However. In Europe, small diesel-powered cars are have gained popularity because they are more efficient than gasoline-powered cars.

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