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Power Consumption Of Mini Fridges And Small Dorm Refrigerators

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Mini Fridge?

The power consumption of mini fridges is typically under 400 kWh. Mini fridges consume 207-345 kWh per year. Please note that not all mini fridges have freezers built in. This will affect refrigerator power consumption as well. The power consumption of freezers is higher than that of refrigerators.

Additional Energy Usage Data For Mini Fridges (these figures vary with model)

The following are examples from modern (individual) refrigerators’ Energy Guide labels and are estimates.

Midea. 1.6 cubic feet: 207 kWh/year – $25/year (these figures are electricity costs, not overall costs).

Haier. 2.7 cubic feet: 238 kWh/year – $29/year.

Midea. 3.1 cubic feet: 270 kWh/year – $32/year.

Igloo. 3.2 cubic feet: 219 kWh/year – $27/year.

Danby Designer. 4.4 cubic feet: 226 kWh/year $27/year.

Some models are built to a higher efficiency standard than others, which is why some smaller models consume more energy than other larger ones.

It’s important to note that mini fridges are sometimes thermoelectric, which may result in higher energy usage. Compressor-powered refrigerators are significantly more energy-efficient than thermoelectric fridges.

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