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Early Adopters Get Big Discount On Wireless EV Chargers

Bosch and Evatran are offering discounts to early adopters of their wireless charging technology for electric vehicles, which they call ‘PLUGLESS™’. The first 250 customers can purchase the Chevy Volt system for $1,998, and the Nissan Leaf system for $2,098. This wireless charging system is compatible with all Chevy Volt models, and the 2010–2012 Nissan Leaf models. Early this year, support for other models is likely to be released.

Plugless wireless charging station. Image obtained with thanks from Bosch.
PLUGLESS wireless charging station.
Image obtained with thanks from Bosch.

According PR Newswire news release: This product line enables customers to avoid the “repetitive process” of plugging their EVs in and out.

The task of plugging vehicles in and out was exaggerated. However, wireless chargers are very convenient.  One helpful application for these devices is to install them in the parking spaces at office buildings so that employees’ vehicles can be fully charged by the end of the day, and without the inconvenience of having their charging cords stretch across the ground. =It would also be good to set these up at car rental facilities so that rental EVs can recharge automatically, as soon as they are returned.

‘Since the beginning of our Company, we have focused on bringing this convenient charging technology to individual EV drivers,” said Rebecca Hough, Evatran CEO and Co-Founder. “After years of trials with commercial and municipal partners including Google, Duke Energy, the City of Raleigh, and Hertz, we’re excited to announce that the time has come. To celebrate our first shipments, we will be offering a 30% discount off the price of our PLUGLESS system to our initial 250 customers. This is an important day for the future of electric vehicles and we’re proud to invite our first 250 customers to join us in making history.’

This system is sold with adapters specific to whichever vehicle needs to be charged, as well as a charging station to be installed in the vehicle’s parking area. The first 250 chargers will be delivered between February and May 2014.

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