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Is The Pacific Hurricane Season Starting Already?

The Pacific Hurricane Season is supposed to start on May 15. However, a tropical disturbance has already been detected 240 miles southwest of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Could this signal a hurricane rebound? Last year, there were no major hurricanes. This could be the earliest formation in the eastern Pacific basin since 1949.

A photo of Hurricane Irene taken from space.
Hurricane Irene. Space photograph taken by and obtained with thanks from NASA astronaut Ron Garan on Aug 22, 2011. Click the image to see the 1600 x 1065 px version.

This tropical disturbance may not be a major threat because its chances of developing into a tropical storm are diminishing.

As noted by Weather.com:

‘While NHC meteorologists have analyzed a surface low pressure center, increasing wind shear – in this case, stronger winds aloft than near the surface – is now taking a toll, displacing thunderstorms to the northeast of the surface low. Lacking colocation of thunderstorms with surface low pressure, a tropical disturbance cannot deepen.’

Bear in mind that tropical disturbances such as these can cause major problems in flood-prone areas. Wind isn’t the only threat they pose. This storm system is likely to travel towards Mexico’s west coast by Friday. If it becomes a tropical depression, it will be named Tropical Depression One-E, and if it becomes a tropical storm, it would be named Tropical Storm Amanda.

If this happens you will need to stock up on foods that require no refrigeration such as uncooked lentils, red peas (or canned beans if you anticipate a stove gas shortage), canned vegetables, rice, pasta, and bread.

Other tips:

  • If you have an electric stove, I would recommend that you purchase a compact gas cooktop with a small cylinder of LPG, and stow them away for emergencies.
  • Purchase a water tank/accumulate a few large barrels of water.
  • If you want a minimal system to keep your phone charged, you can purchase a small solar charger kit for $60 or less.

Don’t forget to eat off your dairy products! Otherwise they’ll go to waste if there is a power outage.

Source: Weather.com.

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