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Can An Airplane View Get Better Than This?

Maybe a little, but this private jet has an incredible view. When I first saw a picture of the windowless airplane. It looked almost like it was equipped with enormous windows. It actually uses cameras to provide a high-resolution 360° view of your environment via screens.

Windowless airplane.
A windowless airplane.
Image obtained with thanks from Technicon Design.

That isn’t the only option, though. The screens can display any image if the airline sees fit. I would prefer if they stuck to the environment outside, though. Whether it is a cloudy winter day or a sunny one, the bird’s-eye view from an airplane is still interesting.

Other Possibilities

Video conferencing on planes: There are multiple screens in this windowless airplane. Due to its somewhat business class seating arrangement, one passenger can have a screen to themselves and use it for whatever they want (if the airline permits that).

Watching movies and TV: These screens are much larger than the traditional ones in 737 jets. They could actually be enjoyable.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndcG_4A38Z4′]

Why Not Use Bigger Windows Instead Of Mounting Costly Cameras And Screens On The Airplane?

There is a major benefit to larger windows: They will be clearer (if maintained) than cameras. Cameras have limitations and will always distort images to some extent. To get that distortion down to a level comparable to windows, high-end cameras costing thousands of US dollars each would be required. Then again, how much would it cost to make such a large percentage of a plane’s body out of glass or plastic? That could be costly as well.

Glass and plastic usually have a very poor strength-to-weight ratio, so making an airplane out of this material would probably weaken its body or add to its weight. However, Airbus mimicked the bone structure of birds and designed a partially transparent airplane. The reason for this is the light weight and strength of the design. The Airbus design has windows with adjustable opacity to maximize passivity, energy-efficiency, and comfort.

Main Source: Mashable.

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