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Tiny Drones Will Change The World

Not just any drones, but exceptionally tiny drones will have a huge impact on the world when they become common. Apart from the bad side of tiny drones, which is the total destruction of privacy for everyone, they have many great benefits as well. Drones can’t be caught, sprayed, shot down, or hidden from easily, and in large quantities, they are virtually unstoppable by criminals.

The Impact Of UAV Technology On Security

Military personnel will be able to check areas for anyone or anything potentially harmful before entering by flying drones in first.

Tiny drones can roam the streets, hang out in bars,  periodically pass through alleys, or even hang around and swap shifts with each other when they need to recharge. The police can send tiny drones into areas where criminals are expected to meet up and monitor them.

The Impact Of Drones On Journalists’ Safety

Journalists sometimes end up on the front lines and get shot, tear gassed, among other things when covering dangerous situations such as shootouts, protests in oppressive regimes, and wars.

Tiny drone technology can fly into dangerous areas for them and record what is happening, instead of relying on potentially biased sources who will instead spread rumors about what happened. Protesters in oppressive regimes will no longer have to hope that people will believe what they said about police brutality Nearly every major event will show up on video websites such as YouTube and Vimeo if the concept of tiny drones takes off.

Tiny Drones Can Offer Convenience

According to TechCrunch, for Intel’s Make It Wearable competition, a team developed something unprecedented…A flying camera! (in the form of a tiny drone)

This technology isn’t just a drone that flies over regions periodically to monitor them, it is a small, wearable drone. It is designed for the user to wear it on their wrist, and four little fans lift it off your arm to take selfies for you.

This might sound ridiculous to some people, and downright funny to others. However, If you take a look at people’s selfies (especially those done during motorsports), and even worse:  Their attempts to record video of themselves moving, you’ll see that this is a very useful camera for them.

This isn’t nearly as cumbersome as typical drones. It actually wraps around your arm, but that part of the design may be a work in progress.

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