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Google Says No To Making A Budget Pixel Phone

Google has stated that it does not intend to build a budget Pixel phone in the $200 price range. At least not for now. The executive that commented is the VP of Google Mobile Business Nanda Ramachandran, and he said it is because that would require excessive compromises. He said “it’s pretty unlikely we’ll go in that direction”.

To elaborate further on his reasoning, he said that there are certain things that make the phone a Pixel, such as security, its famous camera, and AI smart features. It would be difficult to incorporate a camera of that quality in a $200 phone, as high-end cameras depend on the high performance processors found in top-tier phones.

Some AI features could be resource-intensive, but not most. The high quality camera, on the other hand is what makes the Pixel famous. Google has also increased the price of some Pixel models (such as the Pixel Pro) and has started offering a lengthy seven years of updates with Pixel phones.

Both decisions are not likely to be followed by lower cost models. However, they may have a change of heart. Many brands have given up their original identity of luxury by rolling out a barrage of cheap products.

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