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American Airlines To Offer Cadillac Chauffeur Service

If you fly frequently, i’m sure you would appreciate it if you didn’t have to look around outside to find a mode of transportation, so you can get to your gate on time.

Planes at Airport Sheremetyevo. Chauffeur services are a very convenient way to get around and show frequent customers how important they are to the airline industry.
Airport Sheremetyevo.
Image obtained with thanks from Aleksander Markin on Flickr.

Starting at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), American Airlines intends to offer a chauffeur service from gate to gate in partnership with Cadillac. Cadillac will also offer frequent flier points for test driving their cars.

Is This A Response To United Airlines’ Chauffeur Service?

United Airlines has their high-value frequent-fliers chauffeured in Mercedes-Benz cars, and Delta chauffeurs them in Porsche cars.

I applaud American Airlines for choosing to support one of their local country’s brands. I won’t knock Delta and United Airlines for their choices because the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche names are probably very attractive to customers, given the fact that they are loved so much.

According to the LA Times,

By the end of this year, American plans to roll out the chauffeur service at Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport, New York’s LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see a Cadillac waiting for you when you get off your American Airlines flight. The service is reserved for ConciergeKey club members, which is an invitation-only program for influential, big-spending travelers.

Should Airlines Take On Ground Transit For Travellers?

Services such as Expedia will allow you to sign up for a flight, hotel room, and car, all at once. In person, people often go to airlines’ counters to sign up for flights, then they have to figure out transportation and accommodations separately.

In person, you may not want to go through a long list of hotels at an airlines’ counter, but maybe airlines could set up several tablets at their counters for their customer who buy plane tickets in person, and they could use those tablets to go through the long list of hotels and chauffeur services to reserve along with their plane tickets.

This would be very helpful to those living in countries with a low rate of Internet access. For example: Only 12% of India’s population has Internet access.

Source: LA Times.

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