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CCleaner Will Free Your Device From Clutter

Today, it is common for apps to run in the background for no good reason, resulting in slowdowns due to those memory hogs. They also store what is called a ‘cache’ on your device, and this tends to grow over time. CCleaner is an app by Piriform which scans your device memory, cache, and downloads for any clutter you might want to clear out to reclaim your device’s RAM and storage space.

A screenshot I took of CCleaner.

In the screenshot above, there isn’t much to clean because I already ran CCleaner yesterday, but there was 1.1 GB of  clutter to remove at the time. Cleaning up this clutter (which you can do yourself manually in your device settings) is especially helpful if you have one of the tablets or phones that lacks a microSD card or SD card slot.

You can choose what you want to delete as well, but don’t worry, CCleaner doesn’t require technical knowledge. The default setting will only remove certain things which are unnecessary, and it does that all with one click. It also won’t run in the background all the time and defeat its own purpose like some memory managers do.

CCleaner will also provide the option to clear background apps from your memory. If there are any apps you want to keep running, Just relaunch them after cleaning.

You can find it on Google Play, or on their website for your PC.

Note: Whether or not you use CCleaner, I would highly recommend that you go set a little time aside each month to go through your apps, videos, and music to delete what you no longer want. This is one of the most effective ways to avoid running out of space. HD videos range from hundreds or hundreds of MB (sometimes GBs) I lived with a 40 GB hard drive in my computer back in 2011. 40 GB was incredibly miniscule at the time.

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