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Gold Apple Watch

A Little Mistake Was Made With The Apple Watch Edition

The Apple Watch Edition costs $10,000 USD (and upwards, depending on configuration). Some of you may be horrified and think no one would pay that, while others are already aware of the luxury watch market. Most people would not spend that much money on a watch. To be more specific, a very tiny fraction of the world’s population would pay that. However, Apple might struggle to sell this watch even to that tiny fraction which could easily buy it.

Gold Apple Watch
Apple Watch Edition (18-Karat Rose Gold Model).
Image obtained with thanks from Apple.

Why? $10,000 watches need to last a long time, and while the Edition version of the Apple watch may have every exquisite material it needs to account for its price tag, it won’t last long. I’m not referring to malfunctions. I’m referring to technological advancement. Smartwatches rely on another device or at least an Internet connection for virtually every task. This means that even if the Apple Watch Edition was built to last 20 years, it would become unusable long before then.

$10,000 jewelry and similar items are often treated as family heirlooms which are handed down from one generation to the next. They are precious items which need to last many years. You aren’t going to throw that old Rolex in the rubbish bin after 3 years, are you? I doubt that. Electronics can’t be family heirlooms.

The Apple Watch Doesn’t Have That Classic Luxury Watch Look That Wealthy Buyers Go For

You have only have space for one watch on your arm. If you have $10,000 to $20,000, would you rather have a beautiful Rolex, or an Apple Watch on your arm? Rolex has models in that price range. Classic watches in this price range are purchased for their spectacular craftsmanship and beauty. Watches are a form of jewelry.

Source: Mashable.


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