Sunday, June 17, 2018
Open hard disk drive

Understanding Bottlenecks: How To Buy The Fastest External Hard Drive

There are numerous different types of external hard drives on the market, and choosing the fastest one is not as simple as just buying an SSD, buying a Thunderbolt drive, or...

Blackmagic Made A Pocket 4K Cinema Camera For $1,295

Blackmagic Design has announced a 4K pocket cinema camera for $1,295 that can record to an external USB-C SSD, has four microphones, and a 5" screen.
External WD SSD

External WD SSD Can Transfer 1TB In Under 7 Minutes

Video creators have long struggled with the slow transfer speeds offered by external USB hard drives. Combine the slow transfer speeds of a conventional hard drive with the low transfer rate...
An Apple computer (iMac Pro)

Apple To Start Manufacturing Its Own Processors

Apple will start manufacturing its own processors, and start shipping them in its new computers as early as 2020, according to Bloomberg. This marks the end of the use of Intel...
Pepper growing in a pot by a window

Driverless Tractors Are Coming: What About Decentralized Food Production?

Driverless, automated tractors are about to change farming, and this is a great opportunity to reevaluate the viability of automating home gardening.
Nimbus ExaDrive 100tb ssd

That Was Fast: Nimbus Made A 100TB SSD

Nimbus made a 100TB SSD, which is not only the world's largest SSD, but it is also the most energy efficient, and it generates less heat!
Man holding phone

5 iPhone Gestures You Need to Learn

Excitement always surrounds the unboxing of a new iPhone, whether it's fresh to the market or only new to you. Each generation gets fancier and more advanced. With the iPhone X,...

The Role Of The Humble TV Lift Mechanism In Smart Home Technology

TV lift mechanisms were one of the first pieces of technology to receive the home automation treatment, because it fit with the general idea of home automation both making things easier...