EDM Star deadmau5 Does A Coffee Run In A Tesla P85D

A white Tesla Model S at the NAIAS.
Tesla Model S. Image Credit: Kompulsa.

The popular EDM (or formerly EDM) star deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) decided to go on a coffee run in a Tesla Model S (the P85D in this case). During each coffee run, deadmau5 takes someone famous out for coffee in his own supercar, but this time it was a Tesla representative. Initially, he didn’t look terribly excited. He was a little skeptical too, but that quickly changed when he accelerated. He proceeded to swear, then he talked about how awesome the car is.

Video Credit: deadmau5.

It’s great to see someone with such a strong passion for combustion engines appreciate an electric vehicle. Many people in the car community love their loud V8 combustion engines, but many of them can still appreciate the silent, swift kick in the rear that electric performance cars can deliver. deadmau5 already went for a plug-in hybrid McLaren P1, but I have a feeling that he may get an all-electric sports car in the near future. After all, he loves trying out new cars!

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