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The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Has A Competitor

The famous Blackmagic pocket cinema camera shocked the world with its ability to record sharp, cinematic videos for roughly $1,000 USD. It also has an interchangeable lens (not very common for such a small pocket camera), a touch screen, the ability to record video in the RAW format, and more, so Blackmagic cut no corners. It got off to a rough start because critics claimed it had poor low-light performance and fixed pattern noise (FPN).

Some users found that it performs just fine in low-light conditions (dependent on its settings), and the fixed pattern noise issue was addressed with a firmware update. You can see footage taken with the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera below (remember to select the 1080p option).

Video Credit: Cut Off Films.

In time for that, Canon released the PowerShot G7 X. A $650 camera which not only takes beautiful still images, but it can record sharp video at 60 frames per second (fps). The Canon G7 X has a flip-out touch screen which is especially useful for selfies, but not much else. It lacks a microphone jack, so you’re stuck with the built-in microphone.

If you were to purchase the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera, you would be able to plug in whichever high-quality microphone you need for your application. So, for $350 less, is the Canon G7 X a better value? Let’s look at its footage.

Video Credit: Engadget.

Both of these cameras recorded utterly beautiful footage. The Canon isn’t far behind the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera, so why the large price difference? Two key differences I noticed are: The Canon G7 X does not have an interchangeable lens, and its footage doesn’t have the cinematic appearance that the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera does. It is not cinematic at all.

Where sheer accuracy is concerned, the Canon gave the Blackmagic a run for its money. The colours are vibrant, and the footage is especially sharp, unlike any other camera in its price range.

Canon and Blackmagic really hit the nail on the head with these two cameras. Their competition cannot compare. However, your purchase should be based on application. If you are shooting a movie or advertisement, the Blackmagic is the better option due to its cinematic appearance and ability to swap lenses for optimal performance in all situations (and for all applications).

Canon says that the fixed G7 X lens is an extremely bright f/1.8-2.8, but photographers may want greater zoom capability, or the ability to use other standard lens accessories. Finally, the Canon is designed for still images, and the Blackmagic is not.

Neither of these cameras are ideal for professional work, as they have short battery life and rely on SD cards which don’t provide enough storage (usually under 64 GB). Some journalists need to record hour-long speeches and press conferences. That may be difficult (depending on quality settings). Journalists have to record press conferences and speeches in one take. Both the Canon and Blackmagic are of equally great value, and are among the most budget-friendly professional cameras on the market. Choose wisely!

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