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Food Waste In The U.S. Amounts To $162B Annually

We all know that a fair amount of food goes to waste, but how much? A Handpick infographic indicates that food waste in the United States amounts to a staggering $162 billion annually. To put that into perspective, that money is enough to provide 3,240,000,000 people with a $5 meal. Far less surprising is the most wasted food types — vegetables, dairy and meat. The three perish very quickly, and they are among the most widely used foods.

An infographic showing the magnitude of the food waste situation in the United States.
An infographic showing the magnitude of food waste in the United States.

Recipe websites and apps tell users what ingredients to get, but it would be good to see more apps focus on existing ingredients people can use, as there are too many things piling up and rotting in peoples’ refrigerators. The economic impact of that could be significant.

h/t Handpick.

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