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Jaguar XJR Dashboard

Jaguar’s CEO: People Just Don’t Want EV’s Yet

The CEO of Jaguar, Ralf Speth said that people just don’t want electric vehicles at the moment. He explained that it was because battery technology is too heavy and expensive, most notably its power density. Assuming that he referred to lithium-ion battery technology, he’s right about their power density. EV battery technology has come a long way over the years, and has already achieve power densities enabling electric vehicles to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 3.1 seconds, which blows almost every car ever made out of the water.

Jaguar XJR Dashboard
The dashboard of a Jaguar XJR. Image obtained with thanks from Jaguar.

This is why I don’t fully agree with Mr. Speth’s comments. People like electric vehicles so much that the Tesla Model S is the most talked about car on social media. Despite this, sales are slow due to the high initial cost of electric cars. So it isn’t that people don’t like electric vehicles, they just can’t afford them. They are quiet (most of them), can be recharged in the comfort of your own home overnight, they avoid high fuel costs, and more!

I hope that Jaguar’s management didn’t decide that electric vehicles aren’t viable because of the C-X75’s failure, because the C-X75 was built with gas turbines as generators — if you ask me, that is bound to be impractical. Gas turbines are never used on such a small scale. It is also an expensive sports car, and sports cars are not known to fly off shelves. Jaguar should try making an electric family car instead, then the masses may be interested.

All electric vehicles need to really take off and dominate is great battery technology. Their motor and speed controller technology is already excellent. Then again, there is a theory that electric vehicles only cost more than gas-powered ones due to their small production scale. What are your thoughts?

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