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A plugged in Chevy Bolt

The Chevy Bolt EV Marks A Major Milestone

A few months ago, GM mentioned the development of the Chevrolet Bolt. Of course I was impressed, it could travel 200 miles per charge and was projected to be affordable, but $37,000 (as low as $30,000 after the U.S. federal tax rebate) for 200 miles of electric range? That’s a milestone for electric vehicles. The Chevrolet Bolt (Chevrolet is a GM company) is a 4-seat, 4-door electric car with twice the range of the GM EV1, and the EV1 was groundbreaking back in its day (1996).

A plugged in Chevy Bolt
A Chevrolet Bolt connected to an outdoor charger. Image obtained with thanks from Chevrolet.

The GM EV1 could only drive 70-100 miles per charge and was a 2-door, 2-seat car, proving that electric cars have come a long way since the 90s. The Chevy Bolt has twice as many seats, twice as many doors, twice the range (without a trunk full of batteries, like some older electric cars had), AND it’s cuter!

If using the 240-volt charger, every hour spent charging the car increases its range by 25 miles. The charge time totals 9 hours. This isn’t groundbreaking, but it can work for the majority of people whose commutes are well within the Bolt‘s 200-mile range. A simple workaround for the long charge time is to plug in the vehicle every evening, so it will charge overnight.

If you plug it in at 7:00 PM, its 60 kWh battery pack will be fully charged by the next morning. That routine is a great way to ensure that you have the entire 200 miles of range at your disposal every morning. No stops for gas, and you won’t be driving on a dwindling gas tank over the course of one or two weeks.

Let’s hope this car lives up to the exceptional reliability that electric car technology is capable of achieving.

More Chevy Bolt photos.

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