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Increase Your Lyft Driver Rating Using These Simple Tips

Lyft driver rating can be a sensitive topic to talk about as it strikes some shadows of doubt irrespective of whether one is a good driver or not. The experience of a driver makes one empathize with many problems, which come from customers who give low ratings without taking great service into account.

There is a clear disconnect between the services offered and driver ratings and this can be ameliorated by following a couple of tips and tricks which will not only boost driver ratings but will also make sure that you will make some extra cash along the way by improving driver experience and conditions.

Take a Ride as a Passenger

This is perhaps the easiest way to improve ratings as it is recommended for Lyft drivers to see the other part of the job and it needs to be done from time to time in order to make sure that one driver learns from other higher rated drivers and can watch for a few factors which will improve ratings. Such factors include the likes and are not resumed to the following:

  • How do they greet you?
  • Do they ask for directions instead of using the GPS?
  • Do they genuinely care for your well-being?
  • Do they make mistakes and if so, how they correct them?

Use Navigation Systems and Software

There is a large number of complains addressed to drivers who allegedly know the routes by heart and due to contrary belief, passengers might feel a bit insecure when taking such a ride. Use proper navigation which can be resumed to a phone which is dash-mounted or applications such as Google Maps or Waze.

A lot of Lyft drivers do not consider navigation the number one priority. By using navigation you are not only assuring passengers that the shortest route is always followed but also it will offer them some peace of mind, considering the fact that they can also see where they are going.

Make Some Investments

If you are driving for Lyft, you can call yourself your own business owner. As with any other business which is wanted to be successful, a couple of investments should be made in it. There are a lot of drivers who do not understand this factor but some additions to the car such as water bottles and mints (as well as a couple of phone chargers) will go a long way in terms of receiving great ratings.

These rules will make sure that ratings will go up once followed but bear in mind that ratings do not increase over night, and one will have to comply to them to the point they become second nature in order to be successful.

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