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2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

U.K. Joins Norway, India, And France In Petrol Car Ban

The United Kingdom has joined Norway, India, and France in banning the sale of petrol and Diesel-powered cars by a set date. The U.K.’s ban will take effect in 2040, India’s will take effect in 2025, Norway’s in 2025, and France’s in 2040. These bans on the sale of diesel gasoline-powered cars has the effect of phasing out their ownership gradually, as existing ones will eventually be discarded due to age, among the other causes of automobile damage.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser.
2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

20 years after the 2040 ban, the majority of petrol and Diesel cars should have been retired, especially considering rising fuel prices and the fact that electric cars are going to be more technologically advanced due to age differences.

Essentially, this ages gas-powered cars out of existence as people are going to want the modern amenities they can get from electric cars, as electric cars will be the only new cars (maybe not entirely, but almost) on the market. Even the most die-hard petrol car advocates are going to let go of their conventional cars in favour of new electric cars, which are already outperforming their gasoline and Diesel counterparts in some cases (for example: Tesla P100DL outperforms supercars costing 3 times more such as the Lamborghini Aventador, where acceleration is concerned).

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