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A Look At Air Fryers: Low Fat Fries, Anyone?

We’re all familiar with the delicious goodness that is deep-fried foods. However, they are fried in a massive amount of oil, and that has health implications. A relatively recent method: ‘air frying’ provides a way to avoid the consumption of oil.

Conventional deep fryers have the ability to evenly fry foods without that inconsistency that’s so difficult to avoid when using a frying pan, and that is thanks to a phenomenon known as convection — Hot fluids (including oil) rise, and cooler fluids fall, resulting in the continuous circulation of oil inside a deep fryer.

Air fryers attempt to achieve the even frying effect that deep fryers do by circulating hot air over the foods being fried with a fan, instead of immersing them in oil. This is reminiscent of a convection oven. Air fryers are often significantly smaller than convection ovens, and don’t require any more counter space than a juice extractor or a large rice cooker.

Considering how many people are on low-fat diets, as well as people who are trying to improve their overall health, it’s no surprise that there’s a market for air fryers.

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