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A JetBlue seat

JetBlue Upgrades Their A320 Planes With More Luxurious Amenities

JetBlue, an NYC-based airline has upgraded the flying experience in their Airbus A320 planes with a few changes such as new seats, among other things at a time when airlines are looking to use standing seats and cheapen the overall flight experience.

Improvements are still being rolled out, and the first A320 they were implemented in is now in flight. The improvements include wider, more plush seats at 18 inches wide, at least two easily accessible plugs for each seat, adjustable headrests, and contoured seat backs.

The improvements will be rolled out to the rest of the A320 planes over the course of 3 years (and 12 of them over the next 9 months).

Other improvements include 10″ HD screens on their infotainment systems (up from 5″), 100 live TV channels (up from 36), improved connectivity, NFC pairing, on-demand television and movies, and what they referred to as a ‘new gaming feature’.

Thankfully, the A320 fleet flies most of JetBlue’s routes, so you may be able to get on one 9 months from now.

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