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The Ultimate Digital Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

Software can be so much fun, especially when it is highly noticeable and makes hugely visible changes to everything you do. Of course, this is ironic, because a lot of the best software is boring, mostly hidden and does nothing that is particularly visible. The good news is, this boring type of software is the type that you can get easily and let make your life that much better.

The Quiet Ones

Some people have traditionally said that you should fear the quiet ones, since those are the people who are the most likely to do something unexpected. While this is not so much the case with most software (we are not talking about computer viruses at the moment), there are some occasions when a silent program ends up being either a big help or a serious pain.

In this case, the “quiet ones” refer to files that allow the operating system of any given device (even a smart toaster, which is totally a thing) to communicate with hardware. This can be anything from the sound card to the camera, all the way to a printer or a 3D printing device. No matter what the peripheral or device might be, without the right drivers it is just going to sit there like a paper weight.

When Drivers Stall Out

Drivers are a key component to making sure that your device works properly, especially if you like to use the newest and best devices. This pretty much forces you to be constantly ensuring that you have the right drivers, so your awesome new camera does not end up with some kind of weird “lines from a 70s TV” effect when you are trying to make a professional quality video. It also makes certain that your sweet new microphone lets your voice be heard properly, instead of sounding like you are talking through a hurricane.

One problem with drivers is that they are dependent on the operating system of your device. Particularly if you are using a Windows PC, you are constantly updating your computer’s operating system whether you want to or not. Because of this forced updating, you might find that you have the wrong drivers even for your existing hardware, even though you did nothing intentional to create this problem.

When the Problem Comes to You

Whether your computer is offline a lot or not, utilities like soft famous can help you ensure that your drivers are always up to date and working properly. This is great for when you are doing creative things and do not want to constantly be messing with your software setup, as well as just when you want to live your life without having to tinker like a mad scientist just to have a functional setup.

This software is not ‘sexy’. It isn’t something you want to talk about at parties, and it won’t get you into any podcasts. But at the end of the day, this kind of organizational software that quietly runs in the background is what makes all of the other stuff possible.

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