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How Winter Riding Gloves Can Save Your Hands From More Than Just the Pavement

Depending on where you’re from and the type of climate you ride in, you probably don’t wear the same motorcycle apparel year-round. Winter riding in particular requires special apparel – including gloves – to keep you warm, dry and safe.

While standard motorcycle gloves are designed to enhance your safety by helping you maintain a strong grip on your handlebars and protecting you from road rash, winter riding gloves take your comfort and protection to the next level. Here are a few ways winter gloves can save your hands from more than just the pavement.

  1. Temperature Control

Cold-weather riding gloves are designed with extra insulation to keep thermal energy from escaping and trap cold air out. This is especially necessary due to the wind chill caused by riding even at moderate speeds (wind accelerates the rate at which your body loses heat. However, you don’t want your hands to become so warm that they start to sweat and swell. Look for gloves that offer a breathable type of insulation that traps warm air inside but not moisture.

  1. Flexibility

The best winter riding gloves provide insulation and warmth without limiting your flexibility. Before purchasing motorcycle riding gloves for winter use, try them on and grip your handlebars while wearing them. You should also try engaging your turning signal and doing other things that you normally do while riding.

If you have any trouble performing these actions, take the gloves off and swap them out with another pair. While you should expect winter gloves to be slightly bulkier than regular motorcycle gloves, they shouldn’t inhibit your ability to safely control and maneuver your bike.

  1. Prevent Numbness

If you’ve ever ridden for an extended period of time without gloves, you know how quickly your hands can become numb. The pressure and vibration of the handlebars against your hands can cause you to lose feeling and have a difficult time maintaining a good grip.

A quality pair of winter riding gloves can keep you safe by protecting your hands against numbing vibrations from your bike. If you’ve been debating whether or not you need winter-specific riding gloves, now you know there are at least three ways winter gloves can save your hands from more than just road rash.

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