Amazon To Launch 3,236 Internet-Providing Satellites

Planet Earth
Image obtained with thanks from NASA on Flickr.

Amazon has decided to launch 3,236 satellites that can provide Internet access around the world, joining other companies such as Facebook, Google, and SpaceX whom had/have similar projects. This is called Project Kuiper, and was done with the help of Kuiper Systems LLC.

SpaceX’s plans to launch their 12,000 satellites are still underway. However, Google and Facebook were developing balloons and drones instead. Facebook appears to have switched to a new satellite project (Athena) after terminating the drone one.

Launching these satellites could provide Internet access to many around the world, so many regions in the dark (whether it’s due to blackouts caused by oppressive regimes or a lack of infrastructure) could finally come online.

This is significant because the Internet is already home to its fair share of multi-billion dollar industries, and it is how people communicate. It provides access to content and services that are not available anywhere else.