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5 Essential Car Care Tips Everyone Must Know

Your car is machinery that needs care and proper maintenance like your body for functioning optimally. Therefore, it’s equally important to develop some habits for keeping your car in good condition. Developing a car maintenance routine involves several tasks that your car needs to have done in order to operate smoothly and safely.

While every model and make has its own nuances, there are some basic maintenance needs of every car. Latest cars require less frequent maintenance services to keep them running well, but it’s a good idea to pamper your latest model to protect its resale value and efficiency.

Let’s delve into some essential car care tips you must know to make your rides smooth and enjoyable.

Keep Your Car Clean

One of the most basic, obvious, yet essential tips for your car care is to keep it clean. Keeping your car clean can help prevent the formation of rust and improve life of your car’s paint. You should wash your car regularly if you live in a dusty area. Otherwise, hand washing your car once a week is enough. Washing your car helps to remove the dust layer that makes your car appear dull. Wash the car glass inside out, wash tires and wheels, dust off the interior of your car, vacuum the floors, and remove leaves from vents.

Keep Your Car Tires in Shape

Don’t take those tires for granted. Keep your tires in shape if safety is your utmost concern. Incorrect air pressure in your tires can lead to premature wear or tire failure. Keep an eye on your tire pressures as they lose some air every day. It’s recommended to get your tire pressure checked at least once a month at open tire shops near me and add the air if required. Keep in mind that over-inflated tires are as dangerous as the under-inflated ones. Go through the owner’s manual to find out the correct pressure for your car’s tires.

Check Your Engine Oil

The importance of your checking your engine oil regularly can’t be emphasized enough. Monthly checkup of your engine’s oil level is necessary to keep your car running efficiently. Checking your engine oil should be an integral part of your car maintenance routine. Check the oil dipstick to determine the level of your engine oil and refill it if needed. An owner’s manual can guide you on exactly how frequently you should change the engine oil. Do not overfill your car with engine oil and fix any oil leak.

Inspect Your Brakes

Proper functioning of the brake system of your car is highly critical for your safety. Brake system of your car can be one of the Common Car Emergencies That Could Become Serious. If you do not handle your own brake work, it’s a good idea to have a shop check and get your brakes serviced. Generally, it is recommended to get your brakes checked twice a year do it more frequently if you drive a lot of miles.

Check Your Fluids

Keeping your power steering fluid, brake fluids, and coolant topped is a great way to maintain your car’s performance. Check the dipstick of the power steering pump which is generally attached to the cap of the fluid reservoir. Also, check the levels of fluid-brake reservoir. Engine oil and petrol are not the only fluids in your car; it’s essential to get the automatic transmission and wiper fluids checked around the time you change your engine oil.

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