Sony Discontinues Their Final DSLR Cameras

Sony, a leading manufacturer of mirror-less digital cameras has finally discontinued their DSLR camera models. The brand is credited with ushering in the success of mirror-less cameras — a significantly thinner alternative to DSLRs.

DSLRs have always been notoriously large and heavy, although they are tried, tested and have a very large aftermarket for accessories such as lenses. In recent years, mirror-less cameras have offered the performance of DSLR cameras in a package that is a fraction of their size.

This has led to the growth of mirror-less camera sales, which is understandable in a world where electronics are getting smaller. The respectable quality of pocket-sized smartphone cameras (at least, when they’re in bright lighting) has also made chunky DSLR cameras less appealing to consumers.

It’s going to take a lot for standalone cameras to compete in a market where most consumers are comfortable with the cameras that their smartphones already came with. Mirror-less cameras at least provide a way to squeeze that impressive DSLR-like quality you’ve wanted into your pocket (or almost, if your pocket isn’t huge).

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