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Samsung CXL Memory Expander

PC’s Just Got More Expandable: Samsung Offers DRAM PCIe Card

Samsung has created a PCI Express expansion card that you can install RAM modules in. Normally, computers come with typically two or four DIMM slots to install your RAM modules in to expand your computer’s memory. However, some desktop computers only come with two slots.

That limits how much RAM you can add to your computer, which also limits how much performance you can wring out of it via upgrades when the computer gets old. Desktop computers usually have PCI Express expansion slots that are normally used to install video cards, sound cards, Wi-Fi adapters, Bluetooth adapters, video capture cards and more.

PCI Express interfaces have gotten extremely fast, making it worthwhile to add support for faster SSDs and now RAM modules.

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Samsung’s new DRAM expansion interface was introduced via the PCIe 5.0 CXL.memory standard. It’s called the CXL memory expander, and it could facilitate the addition of terabytes of RAM to a computer. It also helps to facilitate the use of smaller motherboards, as a motherboard with even 6 RAM slots is enormous and expensive.

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