Google Cloud Now Offers Polygon Support

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Coins. These are just physical souvenirs, not actual currencies. Litecoin and Ethereum are digital, not physical. Image credit: jk21/

Google Cloud, one of the world’s largest cloud hosting providers has started offering Polygon support via its blockchain node hosting service — The Blockchain Node Engine. They will also offer startups backed by Polygon Ventures with benefits such as access to their Web3 startup program and hosting credits to fund the initial development of their software.

The credits are especially useful because software developers won’t have to pay (initially) for node hosting to test the dApps they are creating. Developers who don’t want to go through the process of setting up their own node will also enjoy the convenience of launching one quickly and easily using Google’s new Blockchain Node Engine.

As useful as this is for helping Polygon developers get started more easily and at a lower cost, it is always best for the final deployment of decentralized blockchain apps to be deployed in a decentralized manner, i.e: running their own bare-metal nodes that they own rather than on Google-owned infrastructure.

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