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Samsung Galaxy Users Reporting Screen Burn-In After Update

Following version 6.0 of the One UI update, some Samsung Galaxy phone users are reporting issues with screen burn-in.

Screen burn-in is a phenomenon whereby the contents of a screen become permanently imprinted on the screen if the contents are not changed or moved frequently enough. For example: A picture of a cat may leave a cat silhouette on the screen if the picture is displayed for too long. This was the reason for screensavers back in the 90s and early 2000s. CRT screens were more prone to this problem (it was caused phosphor burn-in at the time). However, modern OLED screens do pose a risk of screen burn-in as well.

Thankfully, pixel shifting has addressed the problem of screen burn-in for parts of the screen that usually stay the same for extended time periods. For example: The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen of Android phones. Modern Samsung phones do have the pixel-shift feature that moves pixels around so that they don’t cause burn-in. However, the feature may have stopped working after the One UI 6.0 update. The pixel shift feature was introduced in One UI 5.0.

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