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Shib dog generated by Stable Diffusion

Stability AI Built A Stable Video Diffusion Model

Stability AI — the organization that built Stable Diffusion has built the video equivalent of it called Stable Video Diffusion. Stable Video Diffusion has the potential to generate realistic-looking videos using the Stable Diffusion technology that has been powering the AI image generator boom as of late. If Stability AI adopts the same approach as they did with Stable Diffusion, Stable Video Diffusion will be a free AI video generator that is accessible to everyone.

Stable Diffusion led to the proliferation of AI image generators — both paid and free around the world. Now AI generated art has quickly gone mainstream thanks to Stability AI’s open design. As is the case with Stable Diffusion, the quality of Stable Video Diffusion’s videos will be heavily dependent on the quality of the data you train it with.

Stability AI provides the model (learn about models), and you will most likely have to train it with a dataset consisting of high quality videos to get the results you desire. However, out of the box, it may still generate some useful videos. Third parties may do this for you and either charge a fee to access their version of the generator, or monetize it with advertisements.

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