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Apple Vision Pro headset

Some Customers Are Returning Vision Pro Headsets

Some buyers of the Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset have been returning them for various reasons along the lines of discomfort and price. Some users also admitted that they bought it with the intent to return it. One of the leading reasons users returned the Vision Pro headset is that they found it to be ‘clunky’.

That may be referring to the fact that it isn’t wireless. The fact that the battery pack is external and connected to the headset via a cord will certainly turn users off. On the other hand, it’s much harder to justify making the battery irreplaceable if it is external. Nonetheless, irreplaceable batteries are not justifiable even if they are internal.

Another user said that it was heavy enough to be ‘noticeable’, which is in line with the fact that it is significantly heavier than competing headsets. VR, AR and other reality headsets like the Vision Pro also make some people feel sick.

Some users also reported blurry screens, which defeats the high resolution that was advertised. This is probably one of the most unfortunate failures of the Vision Pro considering that Apple products are known for crystal clear screens.

The high price tag of $3,500 + hundreds to upgrade storage and other specs significantly aggravates the grievances above. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t innovative — it packs the power of an M2 processor, 4K screens, audio ray tracing and impressive eye tracking.

It can also display your eyes at the front which is useful when having conversations with people. However, the issues above need to be resolved and the price tag needs to be decreased to make it worthwhile. It is likely that future iterations of the Vision Pro will be cheaper and better overall.

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