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Differences Between Tesla Motors And The Automobile Industry

grayscale photo of sports car on road
Photo by Kevin B on Pexels.com

Electric car manufacturers, and car manufacturers in general have been repeating the same policies for many years.

Two are of primary concern: Their tendency to buy third-party components instead of designing their own with new ideas (if any) is not conducive to innovation. This may be why cars have been so generic all this time, and Tesla Motors came along and stuck out like a sore thumb because they design and manufacture their own parts.

Designing and manufacturing the parts for your vehicles yourself facilitates innovation by building the parts around your new and improved designs. Innovation is deviation from the status quo.

Tesla Motors, unlike the rest of the car manufacturers attracts customers by offering great services, and apparently the best products it can, while the rest of them want to keep selling the same technology (which is years old), while new prototypes sit in the lab until following years until rival manufacturers force them to improve by topping their products. The rest of the car manufacturers also try to sell their cars with gimmicks.

While BMW offers headlamp dimmers and rain sensing wipers (which are not necessary because people will turn their wipers on, as they can’t see when it is raining), Tesla Motors offers free (and soon high-speed) solar-powered car charging, and not only that, but they are expanding it to cover the entire country.

How do you feel about the manner in which conventional car manufacturers operate compared to that of Tesla Motors? Sound off in the comment section!

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