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EOS: Fix The “Error 3110001: Missing Chain API Plugin” Issue

If you encounter the ‘Missing Chain API Plugin’ error when trying to obtain chain data with cleos:

[username@localhost ~]$ cleos --url http://localhost:8888/ get info
Error 3110001: Missing Chain API Plugin

You may need to shut down your EOS node (the nodeos process) and enable ‘chain_api_plugin’. This is because the ‘get info’ command gets chain info, and therefore depends on the Chain API plugin.

‘cd’ into the ~/.local/share/eosio/nodeos/config directory and add the following to your config.ini file:

plugin = eosio:chain_api_plugin

Or if a ‘plugin =’ line is already there, ensure that it not commented out and then add ‘eosio::chain_api_plugin’ accordingly. Next, restart your node.

Alternatively, you can start nodeos with the following parameter:

--plugin eosio::chain_api_plugin

Chain API Plugin Reference

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