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Hackathon Directory: United States Of America

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  1. Hackathons in Michigan.
  2. Hackathons in Pennsylvania.
  3. Hackathons in California.
  4. Hackathons in New York.
  5. Hackathons in Georgia.
  6. Hackathons in North Carolina.
  7. Hackathons in Indiana.
  8. Hackathons in Texas.
  9. Hackathons in Rhode Island.

Hackathons In The U.S.

This is a compilation of hackathons in the United States, most of which occur annually. Despite the fact that these hackathons are held in the United States, many of them provide travel reimbursements to attendees coming from outside the U.S.

YC Hacks YC Hacks.
Image obtained with thanks from Nico on Tumblr.

Hackathons In Michigan


MHacks is a hackathon held in the northeastern U.S. (Ann Arbour, Michigan) in September and January.

  • Both hardware and software projects are welcome.
  • Travel Reimbursement: Up to $300 USD.
  • Admission Price: Free.
  • Duration: 36 Hours.
  • They accept high school students.

Hackathons In Pennsylvania


PennApps is university hackathon held in the U.S. at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Both hardware and software projects are welcome.

  • Travel Reimbursement: Up to $500 USD.
  • Free food: Yes.
  • International: Yes.
  • Admission Price: Free.
  • They accept high school students.
  • Students only.

Prohibited items include:

  • Weapons.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs.
  • Soldering tools.
  • Animals.
Dragon Hacks

Dragon Hacks is held in January at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA, United States).

  • Dragon Hacks is for university students.
  • Duration: 24 Hours.
  • A team of at least two is mandatory.
  • Admission price: None. Free food is provided as well.
  • Travel reimbursement: Contact them.

Hackathons In California


TreeHacks is a U.S. hackathon held at Stanford University in the San Francisco Bay Area (otherwise known as Silicon Valley) in February.

  • Admission Price: Free.
  • Require items: Sleeping bag.
  • Duration: 36 Hours.
  • Hardware projects are welcome.

TeenHacks is held at Sunny Hills high school in Fullerton, California.

  • Both hardware and software projects are welcome.
  • Duration: 24 Hours.
  • This event is for high school students, but college students can register to become mentors at the event.
  • Admission price: Free.

LA Hacks is a hardware hackathon held at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in April.

  • Admission price: Free.
  • Duration: 36 Hours.
  • Buses can pick you up from certain places such as Berkeley, Cal Poly SLO, Stanford, and many others.

HackCC is a U.S. hackathon held at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, California in November.

  • Admission price: Free.
  • Free food: Yes.
  • Travel reimbursement: This is provided for people travelling from schools in California.
  • This event is for community college students only.

Hackathons In New York


HackRPI is a U.S. hackathon held at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York.

  • Travel reimbursement: Yes.
  • Duration: 24 Hours.
  • Both hardware and software projects are welcome.
  • This event is intended primarily for college students, but will accept high school students, and in some cases, non-students.
  • Coding experience is not required.

BrickHack is a collegiate hackathon held at the Rochester Institute Of Technology in Rochester, New York during the month of April.

  • Travel reimbursement: Some applicants will receive travel reimbursements up to $500.
  • Duration: 24 Hours.
  • High school students over 18 may apply.
  • No experience is required to apply.

Hackathons In Georgia


HackGT is held at the Georgia Institute Of Technology. There is a separate hackathon for teenagers (HackGTeeny).

  • Travel reimbursement: Yes, up to $200.
  • Admission price: Free.

Hackathons in North Carolina


HackDuke is held at the Duke University in Durham, North Carolina in November.

  • Travel reimbursement: Up to $200 if you don’t travel via their buses.
  • No coding experience  is required. Mentors are provided.
  • Both hardware and software projects are welcome, as long as they pertain to the issues this hackathon is focused on.

Focus/theme: Hacking for good.

  • Inequality.
  • Energy and the environment.
  • Health and wellness.
  • Education.

Hackathons In Indiana


BoilerMake is held at Purdue University in West Lafayette.

  • This hackathon is for software-related projects.
  • Duration: 36 Hours.
  • Travel reimbursement: Contact for more information.
  • College Students Only.

Hackathons In Texas


HackTX is held at the University Of Texas In Austin every October.

  • High school students may attend if they are at least 18 years old.
  • Duration: 24 Hours.
  • Admission price: Free.
  • Hardware, web, and software projects are welcome.
  • Travel reimbursement: No. Check their website (linked above) for information on the buses they provide.
  • Students only.
  • Teams can consist of no more than 5 members.
  • Weapons, alcohol, and power tools are prohibited.

Hackathons In Rhode Island


Hack@Brown is a U.S. hackathon held in Providence, Rhode Island at Brown University annually in February.

  • High school students may attend if their parents sign the provided consent form.
  • Admissions price: Free.
  • Duration: 24 Hours.
  • Students only.
  • Both hardware and software projects are welcome, including websites.

Hackathons That Accept High School Students

  • PennApps.
  • TeenHacks.
  • MHacks.
  • HackRPI.

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