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Imagine Being Able To See Lane Lines In The Worst Of Storms

Sometimes the weather becomes so stormy that you can’t see much more than the glow of tail lights and street lights, and unfortunately, the street lights are not always enough to illuminate lane divider lines in torrential rain and snow blizzards, so how would this problem be solved?

Glowing lane lines!

Glowing lane dividers. Image obtained with thanks from Jalopnik.

Researchers at Studio Roosegaard developed glowing lane line technology that helps you to see lanes through rain and snow, and this is reminiscent of the basic concept of notice lamps such as brake lamps and headlamps which enable people to notice you through the blur that heavy rain and snow blizzards can cause, so everything blends in with each other and appears to be, at worst, one big, uniform, grey area, causing accidents.

A roll cloud, and dark weather caused by a brewing storm makes the lane lines less conspicuous in this image. Image obtained with thanks from aaronHwarren on Flickr.

These enable people to notice you in the grey abyss because the glow of tail lamps and headlamps penetrates the snow enough for them to notice you, although it may not necessarily enable you to see where you are going.

The lines may not glow as brightly as vehicle lights, but, it should be helpful.

These lane dividers are also solar-powered.

Source: Jalopnik

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