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Maximum Ratings Of Networking Technologies And Cables

Maximum Distances Of Wireless Standards (And Data Rates If Applicable)

Maximum Distances And Data Rates Of Zigbee – IEEE 802.15.4

ZigBee range (2017): Up to 150 metres (492 feet). ZigBee range is heavily dependent on the device, and can be well under, or well over (in rare circumstances) the figure provided.

ZigBee transfer rate for the 2.4 GHZ band: 250 kb/second.

Transfer rate for the 868 MHZ band: 20 kb/second.

Maximum Distances And Data Rates Of Bluetooth (Originally The IEEE 802.15.1 standard)

Bluetooth 3.0 data transfer rates: Up to 24 Mbits/second (theoretical).

Bluetooth 4.0 range: 10 metres (33 feet), but it can be up to 100 metres under certain circumstances.

Bluetooth 5.0 range: 40-400 metres (131 to 1,312 feet).

Sources: Bluetooth CIG and Wikipedia.

Maximum Cable Length/Transfer Rates Of Wired Networking Standards

Ethernet Cable Length/Data Transfer Rates

CAT 5 data transfer rates: Up to 10 Mbps, 100Mbps, or 1 Gbps dependent on configuration. 100 Mbps is more realistic than 1 Gbps. See CAT 6 for higher speeds.

Maximum cable length per segment of CAT 5 cable: 100 metres 328 feet (TIA/EIA 568-5-A standard).

CAT 6 data transfer rates: Up To 10Gbps for 10G Base T, but up to 1Gbps for the 100 metre (328-foot) length specified below.

Maximum cable length for 10 Gbps CAT 6: No more than 55 metres (180 feet) if the cable is unshielded.

Sources: Cisco and Wikipedia.

Fiber Topic Cable Length, And Fiber Optic Cable Speeds

62.5 µm Multimode Fiber (OM1). Maximum length for 1 Gbit Ethernet (1000BASE-SX): 275 metres (902 feet).

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