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PV Solar Power Plant May Be Australia’s Largest Yet (July 2013)

In Victoria, Australia, the 1.5 MW Mildura pilot concentrated photovoltaic (PV) power plant has been opened by Solar Systems.

This is very tiny compared to most power plants. However, it is a concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) plant, which is very rare, and usually very small-scale, and concentrated photovoltaic power plants are still in the testing stage. These are not to be confused with typical concentrated solar power plants which are thermal.

Photovoltaic solar power plants like the 1.5 MW one mentioned utilize electric semiconductor solar panels to generate electricity. To provide a better idea: Almost all rooftop solar panels are PV, but not concentrated.

The objective of concentrated PV power plants is to squeeze more power out of each solar panel by concentrating more sunlight onto them, so that fewer panels can be used, with the intent of reducing the overall cost of the power plant.

Source: Renewablenergyfocus.com

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