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Small Form Factor (SFF) Power Supply Units

Small Form Factor PC Power Supply
An SFF PSU for an HP ProDesk 400 PC.

If you’re looking to build a small form factor (SFF) computer for gaming or anything that requires a lot of power, it is harder to find the power supplies for these models (as opposed to conventional ATX models).

Let’s say for example that you have a 180W SFF Flex ATX PSU, but you want to upgrade to a better GPU (something better than a GTX 1050, for example): You would need to upgrade that power supply to an equally tiny one of a much higher wattage to ensure that it can handle the video card’s load.

Be wary of the connectors required vs the connectors PSUs are shipped with! There are various differences. For example: Some motherboards may use two 6-pin power connectors, while others may use a 24-pin power connector.

Flex ATX power supplies are elongated and very slim. SFX PSUs on the other hand are a bit more square in shape (similar to conventional ATX PSUs, but smaller).

Flex ATX PSU Upgrades For Extremely Slim SFF PCs

Examples of Flex ATX PSUs from known or popular brands include:

  • Seasonic SS-250SU – 250W. Bronze rated Flex ATX PSU.
  • Seasonic SSP-300SUG – 300W. 80+ Gold rated Flex ATX PSU.
  • SilverStone FX350-G – 350W. 80 Plus Gold rated Flex ATX PSU.

SFX PSU Upgrades For More Common Small Form Factor PCs

  • SilverStone ST30SF – 300W. 80+ Bronze SFX PSU.
  • Corsair SF600 – 600W. Fully modular. 80+ Gold SFX PSU.
  • Seasonic Focus SGX-650. 650W. Fully modular. 80+ Gold SFX-L PSU.
  • SilverStone SX800-LTI-USA. 800W. Fully modular. 80+ Titanium SFX-L PSU.

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