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Tropical Storm Ingrid Barrels Towards Mexico (September 2013)

Tropical Storm Ingrid is close to making landfall on Mexico’s Gulf coast, yet it is already slamming them with heavy rain and flooding. The other bands of a tropical storm or hurricane extend miles out from the centre of the storm and can contain strong wind gusts, as well as heavy rain.

They often create severe weather conditions such as flooding long before these tropical cyclones make landfall. This Atlantic hurricane season has been inactive thus far. However, tropical cyclone activity has now picked up significantly, as we are now in the most historically active month of the season.

Tropical Storm Ingrid is expected to make landfall in the Gulf coast city of Tampico, Tamaulipas (Mexico) late on Sunday or early on Monday.

Tropical Storm Ingrid is the 9th named storm of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season.

Source: USA Today

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