Georgia Power Changes Its Position On HB874

By Beth Bond. Georgia House Bill 874 (HB874) which is intended to clarify a gray area in current Georgia law has had an interesting trip in the halls of the Georgia Legislature this year. The proposed bill has a broad base of support and is entitled the Solar Financial Freedom Act. The bill has had one expected […]

Massive 4 GW Solar Project Planned For India

In India, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by six companies for the construction of 4,000 MW of solar power plants. This is classified as an Ultra Mega Solar Power Project (UMSPP). That is enough to power up to 1.3 million homes (assuming that they consume an average of 3 kW). This project will […]

Ford Develops Solar-Powered Car (A C-Max)

People have long stated that cars cannot be solar-powered (with panels solar panels mounted only on the cars). They were proven wrong by some solar-powered prototype cars. However, those cars were very basic, and had very little cabin room (they seated only one person). Ford developed a plug-in hybrid vehicle, which is based on a […]