Sunday, November 29, 2020
Rooftop solar panels

Perovskite Solar Tech Reaches Major Milestone

The reliability of perovskite solar cells has improved, taking them a step closer to domination.
Plug and play solar system - 120V power outlet view.

A Look At My Plug And Play Solar Module

I built a plug and play solar system concept that integrates the necessary inverter, charge controller, battery, 12 Volt solar input, 120 Volt power outlets, and transfer switch to make the installation of solar systems as easy, quick, and cheap as possible.
A Lagerwey crane assembling a wind turbine.

Lagerwey’s Crane Climbs Wind Turbines

Lagerwey has invented a new crane that actually climbs wind turbines to save space and money.

Going Solar? Get A Quick Cost Estimate Here

If you're interested in installing solar panels, and want a quick cost estimate, here's a calculator that can help you out.

IKEA To Open Missouri’s Largest Rooftop Solar Power Plant Yet

IKEA will open Missouri's largest solar rooftop power plant yet, adding to the numerous solar systems they have installed over the past few years.

Playa Solar 2 Achieves 3.8c/kWh, The Cheapest Nationwide

The Playa Solar 2 power plant's power is being sold to NV Energy at a staggeringly-low 3.87 cents/kWh.

Edinburgh To Solar Power Buildings Across The City

The city of Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. has a big plan to place community-owned solar panels on buildings across the city.

IHS: An Unprecedented Solar Boom Is Occurring In The U.K.

The IHS pointed out a boom in the solar industry during the first quarter of 2015.