Friday, April 20, 2018
Volvo S90 Sedan

Why The Volvo S90 Plug-In Hybrid Costs More Than Regular Hybrids

Plug-in hybrid cars offer more than you think. Let's look at key differences between the Volvo S90 PHEV and non-plugin hybrids to justify the price differences.
Tesla electric car

New Toshiba EV Battery Can Add 200 Miles Of Range In 6 Minutes

Toshiba has developed a new SCiB battery that they claim can enable electric cars to add 320 km (almost 200 miles) of range with just 6 minutes of charging.
Unveiling of the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Commence On July 28

The first customers will take delivery of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 electric car today. The car, one of the first two mass-market EVs with ranges exceeding 200 miles, is...
2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

U.K. Joins Norway, India, And France In Petrol Car Ban

The United Kingdom has joined Norway, India, and France in banning the sale of petrol and Diesel-powered cars by a set date. The U.K.'s ban will take effect in 2040, India's...

Australia Is Getting The World’s Largest Wind Farm Battery

South Australia is getting the world's largest wind energy storage system in the form of a Tesla lithium-ion battery.
Solar panels under a storm cloud.

Then and Now: Musings On Past Renewable Energy Predictions

Reading past predictions on markets or technology is always fun to review. The goal of a good forecaster is very straightforward: To provide you a future road map on where you...
Rooftop solar panels

Perovskite Solar Tech Reaches Major Milestone

The reliability of perovskite solar cells has improved, taking them a step closer to domination.
petroleum refinery

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Already Sprung A Leak

The DAPL oil pipeline that advocates promised wouldn't leak has already spilled oil, and its construction hasn't even been completed yet.