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How To Reduce The Cost Of Group Solar Purchases Even More

To reduce a residential community’s cost of going solar, one could pool all the participating residents’ money to achieve quantity discounts, due to the large quantity of panels purchased under these solar group purchases. However, do you think it is possible to reduce the cost even further?

Yes! It is! This is so important because the contractors’ cost of installing rooftop solar panels is even higher than the cost of solar panels themselves.

One approach to lowering high contractor fees is to make contractors compete with each other. If you, a resident demands that a contractor install your solar panels for less money than everyone else, they may heartily laugh in your face (or not, it is worth a try, and it actually does work sometimes; you would be surprised at how often you can get discounts by simply asking).

Imagine if they begged you to let them do it for a terribly low price? That is possible with group purchases. If you arrange a solar group purchase to furnish many homes with solar panels at once, such as 80, or even hundreds of homes, for example, you can approach contractors, get quotations (after letting them know that you are going to many others for the lowest quotations).

After this dialogue, you can choose the lowest quotation, or continue negotiation via quote comparison so they try to undercut each others’ prices. They want the business, and you would be a very important “customer” to them.

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