Toyota Begins Wireless Charging Trial (With Video)


Toyota has begun testing wireless charging on three Prius cars. Each of them is equipped with a WiTricity wireless charging system (resonant induction charging).

This concept can charge the Prius cars in as little as 90 minutes, which is quick enough to recharge employee vehicles in office parking lots, so that they can have a full charge available to comfortably go out and get lunch.

The Prius cars are equipped with a 2 kW receiver. 2 kW is greater than that of a typical 120 volt outlet (Level 1 charging), but barely in the range of level 2 charging.

The only cases in which this wireless charging technology would need to be faster is for charging at public places such as stores, and especially for in-road charging at stop lights, etc.

Wireless charging could help to eliminate range anxiety by enabling people to leave virtually every location with a full charge, or even eliminate it completely if done at a higher speed (20 minutes, for example), while implemented in roads and parking lots.

Source: Gas2.

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